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Mirackles has been established as a Vaastu & Astrology Solution based Company in 2004. Our traditional work model is based on Vaastu Shastra, Pyra Vaastu, Lal Kitab, Healings & Alternative Therapy. Mirackles started "Mirackles Institute of Vaastu Science & Research" in 2006 Under "Aacharya Vaastu Rishi Manish Khurana". Vaastu Rishi is having more than 13 years of Experience in Vaastu & Astrology’s Training, Services & Consulting. The Institute is Registered under "All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies".

Mirackles is Jiten Authorized center for Vaastu & Pyramid in Noida & Haryana. Mirackles is Blessed with Best Center Award and "GOLD MEDAL" from Professor Dr. Jiten Bhatt and Many Appreciations.

Vaastu Rishi Manish Khurana ji

Vaastu Rishi Manish Khurana Ji, Born at, Haryana on October 1983, is Globally renowned for propagating "Mirackles" Based on his Research on Vaastu Shastra, Vaastu Rishi completed his Basic Education in Gurukul-Kurukshetra, Depth Knowledge of Nature Science, Panch Tatva Gyan & Naturopathy for Health.

Vaastu Rishi, is honored with 'Vaastushastracharya' 'Vaasturishi' 'Vaastu Gaurav' 'Ank Jyotishacharya' 'Jyotish Parbhakar' 'Pyramid Vaastu Expert' (Gold Medalist) 'Jyotish Shiri (Lal Kitab)', Doctor of “Naturopath”. He is awarded by Local Groups, Institution & Commercial Groups. Vaastu Rishi got "The Youngest Achiever" Award in the age of 21 year by "Dainik Bhaskar".

He started "Mirackles Institute of Vaastu Science & Research" in 2006. Till now more than 100 Vaastu Professionals & Astrologers are trained by him are also settling up their Career & Wisdom and They are Guiding people to create a Better World to Live in.

Vaastu Rishi got Opportunity to frequently visit through All India and have Clients in Abroad who are also taking Guidance from Vaastu Rishi.

Mission, Vaastu Rishi is following Occult tradition and his life Mission is curate “Vedic & Nature” (Balance with Nature) 'Traditional Way of Life'. Sharing Knowledge about Dharma (Ethics/Duties), Samsāra (the continuing Cycle of Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth), Karma (Action, Intent and Consequences), Moksha (Liberation from Samsara or Liberation in this Life), and the various Yogas (Paths or Practices).

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